Building F constitutes two independent parts (F1 and F2) that are linked by means of a common passage, which is in a form of an open space. Both parts provide for functional and effective fitout, with an option of linking spaces on particular floors. As a result of such linking, one can get even as much as 3 400 sq.m of tenancy area on a single floor.

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Budynek F


17 800 leasable space [sq.m]
3 400 typical floor area [sq.m] (F1, F2)
1 900 typical floor area [sq.m] F1
1 500 typical floor area [sq.m] F2
• possibility of linking particular floors
2 underground storeys
6 (parter + 5 pięter) overground storeys
63 ground level parking places
443 underground parking places

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